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Policy of personal data storage when collaborating with Top of The Hill AB

Data controller: Top of The Hill AB is data controller and is responsible for the data being processed.

Company address: Top of The Hill AB, Gyllenstiernsgatan 7, 115 26 Stockholm SWEDEN

Company number in Sweden: 559179-6783

Contact: gdpr@topofthehill.se


Top of The Hill (referred to as “ToTH”) works with people and delivers services which are based upon ToTH’s developed skills and methods. This makes ToTH data controller in regards of GDPR. To support ToTH in delivering great services to its clients, ToTH stores some personal data according to this policy.

As a client – user of ToTH’s services – following applies:

Personal data is stored from ToTH’s first initial contact with a client up to one month after completion of delivery. Stored data is the client’s name, phone number, e-mail address and e-mail correspondence with ToTH. Sometimes other data such as mail address(es), year of birth and meeting notes are stored too. All stored personal data is kept confidential by ToTH. If external providers are included in ToTH’s delivery to the client – for example, if the client wants to conduct personal tests by third parties – the client’s personal information, such as name and e-mail address, may be submitted to third party provider(a) whose role will be personal data processor.

As a customer, following applies:

ToTH stores the necessary contact and billing information of the paying customer, which may be a legal entity or person, so that ToTH can invoice the work. ToTH will also store contact details such as name, phone number, e-mail address, correspondence and memorandum notes for people that ToTH has an interaction with regarding enquiries for potential or ongoing service deliveries by ToTH. If one year has elapsed with no interaction between ToTH and the customer or potential customer, ToTH deletes all personal data associated with the customer and its contacts with the customer. If a customer wishes to have his/her data deleted sooner, ToTH will remove that data immediately, provided there is no ongoing delivery or outstanding invoice payment to ToTH to which the contact is linked.

When the client and the customer is the same person

If the client and the customer is the same person, the personal data associated with the actual delivery between ToTH and the client will be deleted no later than one month after completion of delivery. This refers to, for example, memorandum notes and correspondence linked to the assignment. Contact and billing or payment information is saved in accordance with ”As a customer, following applies” for up to one year.

Please email any of your questions abour our GDPR policy to gdpr@topofthehill.se

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