Values in English

Do you want to find out your values? Here is a list of valuation words that you can use. The list comes from: PERSONAL VALUES, Card Sort, W.R. Miller, J. C’de Baca, D.B. Matthews, P.L., Wilbourne, University of New Mexico, 2001

ACCEPTANCE: to be accepted as I am

ACCURACY: to be accurate in my opinions and beliefs

ACHIEVEMENT: to have important accomplishments

ADVENTURE: to have new and exciting experiences

ATTRACTIVENESS: to be physically attractive

AUTHORITY: to be in charge of and responsible for others

AUTONOMY: to be self-determined and independent

BEAUTY: to appreciate beauty around me

CARING: to take care of others

CHALLENGE: to take on difficult tasks and problems

CHANGE: to have a life full of change and variety

COMFORT: to have a pleasant and comfortable life

COMMITMENT: to make enduring, meaningful commitments

COMPASSION: to feel and act on concern for others

CONTRIBUTION: to make a lasting contribution in the world

COOPERATION: to work collaboratively with others

COURTESY: to be considerate and polite toward others

CREATIVITY: to have new and original ideas

DEPENDABILITY: to be reliable and trustworthy

DUTY: to carry out my duties and obligations

ECOLOGY: to live in harmony with the environment

EXCITEMENT: to have a life full of thrills and stimulation

FAITHFULNESS: to be loyal and true in relationships

FAME: to be known and recognized

FAMILY: to have a happy, loving family

FITNESS: to be physically fit and strong

FLEXIBILITY: to adjust to new circumstances easily

FORGIVENESS: to be forgiving of others

FRIENDSHIP: to have close, supportive friends

FUN: to play and have fun

GENEROSITY: to give what I have to others

GENUINENESS: to act in a manner that is true to who I am

GOD’S WILL: to seek and obey the will of God

GROWTH: to keep changing and growing

HEALTH: to be physically well and healthy

HELPFULNESS: to be helpful to others

HONESTY: to be honest and truthful

HOPE: to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook

HUMILITY: to be modest and unassuming

HUMOR: to see the humorous side of myself and the world

INDEPENDENCE: to be free from dependence on others

INDUSTRY: to work hard and well at my life tasks

INNER PEACE: to experience personal peace

INTIMACY: to share my innermost experiences with others

JUSTICE: to promote fair and equal treatment for all

KNOWLEDGE: to learn and contribute valuable knowledge

LEISURE: to take time to relax and enjoy

LOVED: to be loved by those close to me

LOVING: to give love to others

MASTERY: to be competent in my everyday activities

MINDFULNESS: to live conscious and mindful of the present moment

MODERATION:to avoid excesses and find a middle ground

MONOGAMY: to have one close, loving relationship

NON-CONFORMITY:to question and challenge authority and norms

NURTURANCE: to take care of and nurture others

OPENNESS: to be open to new experiences, ideas, and options

ORDER: to have a life that is well-ordered and organized

PASSION: to have deep feelings about ideas, activities, or people

PLEASURE: to feel good

POPULARITY: to be well-liked by many people

POWER: to have control over others

PURPOSE: to have meaning and direction in my life

RATIONALITY: to be guided by reason and logic

REALISM: to see and act realistically and practically

RESPONSIBILITY: to make and carry out responsible decisions

RISK: to take risks and chances

ROMANCE: to have intense, exciting love in my life

SAFETY: to be safe and secure

SELF-ACCEPTANCE: to accept myself as I am

SELF-CONTROL: to be disciplined in my own actions

SELF-ESTEEM: to feel good about myself

SELF-KNOWLEDGE: to have a deep and honest understanding of myself

SERVICE: to be of service to others

SEXUALITY: to have an active and satisfying sex life

SIMPLICITY: to live life simply, with minimal needs

SOLITUDE: to have time and space where I can be apart from others

SPIRITUALITY: to grow and mature spiritually

STABILITY: to have a life that stays fairly consistent

TOLERANCE: to accept and respect those who differ from me

TRADITION: to follow respected patterns of the past

VIRTUE: to live a morally pure and excellent life

WEALTH: to have plenty of money

WORLD PEACE: to work to promote peace in the world

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